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Welcome back! Or rather someone should be saying that to me, but I can’t hear them because this is a blog and last time I looked they were a fairly silent medium. Apart from the ones which aren’t. Anyhoo, I have had a rather protracted absence from the blog due to ‘one thing and another’. My heart hasn’t really been in the right space for blogging and I thought a little sabbatical was in order. Now this silence has probably been a calm, reflective period for all who casually read this blog but spare a thought for those poor folk who had to TALK to me while I wasn’t getting the cathartis of moaning about food online. So, down to business. I read about Double Bay in the Jakarta Globe and did my usual reading between the lines of their review. They always read like they are written by the happiest customer on earth for whom each meal is a visceral treat on par with fellatio lady love from their favoured porn star. I guess negativity loses column inches (no, not going there) of advertisers.

According to their Facebook page, Double Bay specialise in:

The first time I went there I was less than impressed. The waiter did that increasingly prevalent thing of reading the menu to me as I was trying to choose. I am actually quite good at reading – people often pay me to teach their children how to to do it – so I pointed out to the waiter that this wasn’t necessary as I had thought ahead and packed my eyeballs. At the time I ordered the Breakfast Burrito and it was absolutely meh. It had all the advertised ingredients inside, but not one of the flavours was strong or defined enough to inspire an appetite. I pushed it around for a bit and then left (I paid first, in case you think my ninja-stylings include disappearing in improbably-coloured smoke-clouds).

I decided I would go back another day in a better mood and that day was today, mood-followers. Tonight I ordered the pork medallions in red wine foie gras sauce and mashed leek potatoes. The pork medallions were fantastically tasty with just the right amount of saltiness. The carrots arranged around the side appeared to have been briefly introduced to hot water before serving and were still quite crunchy. As someone with a Bugs Bunny-like happiness to chow down on raw carrots, this texture worked well for me with the toothsome, chewy nature of the pork and the softer, smoother consistency of the mashed potato. The latter could have easily been improved, however, with more leek. The sauce was well-rounded and balanced out the pork nicely.

The venue is dark, with animal prints in abundance on the walls and as stool coverings. One thing that struck me as a good sign for this restaurant is that both times I visited, also in attendance were two Italian gentlemen – let’s embrace stereotypes and call them Mario and Luigi. The Mario brothers, who chatted like flamboyant regulars with the waiters, were ordering Italian fayre both times which made me think that the chef must be creating authentic flavours to satisfy their tastes. The barman/PR-spouting dude I chatted to informed me that Tuesday and Saturday were band nights and on Fridays they have one of those new-fangled DJ people to make music on the wheels of iron (see, I am hip to the trends!). This helped me to ascertain which days I wouldn’t be returning. I will endeavour not to eat at 120 BPM. But based on tonight’s meal, I can’t help but recommend this restaurant. Double nom!

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