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Lately I have been getting a few comments about my negativity when it comes to certain restaurants. While I don’t apologies for my postings, I understand that some people get miffed by what they perceive as unkind comments. I have been accused of trying to ruin people’s  businesses, which I giggled at because if I hold such sway over Jakarta’s economy, the world is in a very scary fiscal position. I would like to assure the city that Frank (my loyal reader) and I have no intention of bringing any restaurants to their knees.

Now, down to real business.  You may wonder why it has taken so long to post on this pub, when a)Marmz is an Irish ninja and b)Kelang is but a stones throw away.  To be perfectly honest, each time I go to Murphy’s I am generally too overloaded with nosh to lift my fingers to the keyboard. In short, despite wanting to pick holes in this place, I love it.  The ‘Big, Big Breakfast’  ticks all the boxes in terms of taste and authenticity, and rather amusingly is listed in the menu as being “available all day because we know waking up is a choice, not a necessity.”  The BBB comprises sausages, bacon (both of the porcine variety), potato bread, grilled tomato, mushrooms, eggs, beans and toast. I read somewhere that black pudding was also on the original menu, but I  think that if it was it would have to be served with a portable defibrillator.

It still suffers a little from newness  it would probably benefit from a few 15-man brawls to roughen the place up a little –  and that is about the only aesthetic gripe I can level at the décor. You either love or loathe Irish pub design and Murphy’s does little to redefine the concept. Most Irish pubs walk a fine line between branding and ridiculous Densification of a national identity. Besides perhaps the ethnicity of the waiters, you could be forgiven for daydreaming that you were in Ireland, or at least nowhere near the equator. One of the best things about this venue is that it is peaceful and promotes good old staring in to space. The serving staff are pretty good, but having been to Murphy’s a few times now, I have realized that a smattering of Indonesian is often useful to explain what you need. While my detractors will pillory me for saying this (what do you expect, you bog-trotting [insert expletive], you are in [insert expletive] Indonesia?), the whole feel of the place lulls you into such a sense of security that you can be forgiven for expecting that the service staff speak fluent English (or at least what passes for it in Ireland).

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